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Testimony from a former Air Force Captain After Attending a Class

"I am a veteran who has been unemployed for nearly a year (11 months, 14 days to be exact). Through your recommendation, I took the V-CAP training class "12 Steps to Get Hired Now" on October 24th. I used the techniques I learned from the class, on an interview held on October 29th. I am pleased to share that THIS VETERAN IS NO LONGER UNEMPLOYED!!!!!!!

I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to you (Mrs. TJ), your staff, Confidential Government Solutions, and to the Veteran-to-Civilian Assistance Program for the valuable tools shared to help me obtain employment so quickly! I am forever grateful and will gladly refer your services to other veterans who may have difficulty finding employment.

As a veteran I can honestly say 'It's tough out here' but the excellent training and resources you provide are sure to point more veterans, military members, and their families toward civilian employment and ultimately to success!

THANK YOU again! Blessings to you all!
Very Respectfully,
Yolanda M. Wood"

Testimony from a former Army Major After Obtaining our Career Coaching Service

"CSS receives my highest recommendation! TJ and her staff was patient, focused, highly receptive to my needs, attuned to my short-comings; then systematically customized tips, tools and education that supplemented or bridged my career search knowledge gaps. I am more confident than ever in my ability to go out and successfully land a career that fits my skills, qualifications and experience. Thanks TJ and CSS Team!"
MAJ (RET) James Reece, CISSP utilitzed the Career Coaching Services offered through our contractor CSS.

Testimony from an Army Seargant After Attending One Class

"Yes, this class exceeded my expectations. I wish they would teach this class in the military. The 28 valid reasons why an employer won't hire a person was the subject matter relevant to my specific needs. What I liked about this class is that it has given me the tools needed to succeed on an interview and in life.

I will recommend this to every active military friend. I'm going to change my attitude and think positively and try not to over dress for positions that I am applying for. I would not change anything because the information was realistic to what we need to know.

-Tashikya Cooper