Tangible Benefits to You

Here within our Veteran to Civilian Assistance Program, we are fully committed and dedicated to providing the critical career development training and career coaching services Veterans need to successfully meet their financial obligations and career goals via employment opportunities and entrepreneurial options.  Our program bridges the gap between the Veteran's goals and/or objectives and the employers' potential hiring needs and/or current vacancies.  All sponsors receive the following tangible benefits:

  • Premier access to the best and brightest military members for your current vacancies and/or potential hiring needs.
  • Your Company's Name & Logo branded on our website and social media platforms as a Veteran Supporters in Action (VSA) Employer along with your sponsorship level.
  • Opportunity to sponsor from four up to 10 V-CAP Interns within a 12-month period of time for a four or six week term.
  • Substantially reduced recruiting cost through our V-CAP Sponsorship
  • Texas Workforce Commission Incentives for hiring Veterans
  • The personal knowledge and overall  good feeling to know you personally and physically contributed to the future success of an American Veteran.

Our Veterans Have Served Us, Now It's Time to Serve Them.  Support our Veterans.  they need you the most?

Confidential Government Solutions (CGS) was born out of the compassionate heart of  one military spouse who wanted to make a difference in the often difficult process of transitioning from a military life to a civilian one.  CGS relies exclusively on personal tax deductible donations and business charitable gifts..  We are not affiliated or endorsed by any federal governmental agencies.  Our program is designed for individuals and companies/organizations to work  together in the community to help our Veterans successfully transition into the civilian workforce one step at a time. via our customized Veteran to Civilian Assistance Program.

"Terminal Leave is the beginning of the end.  It is where V-CAP begins."

             TJH, Military Spouse

Inside the Mind of A Military Veterans:

  • We're ready to serve.  
  • We are ready to learn.
  • We're ready to help.  
  • We're ready to make a difference.  
  • We're technically smart and adaptable.
  • We're dedicated and hard working.
  • We're both leaders and followers.
  • We're not looking for a handout.
  • We're looking for you to care.
  • We have honorably served our country.
  • We are now available to serve you.
  • Sign up today and support this program because it directly supports us.

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Inspiring & Motivating America's Finest One Step at a Time

Why Donate?  Because Your Contributions Directly Supports One or More Veterans & Their Families

Top 3 Sponsorship Options

Gold Star Sponsorship Level

This is our premiere sponsorship package for employers with over 500 employees and/or a Texas size huge heart.  You automatically qualify to sponsor up to 10 fully qualified V-CAP interns for a four or six week internship.  There is no associated cost or any obligation to  hire our interns after their internship, regardless of position title, military rank, or career field.

Silver Eagle Sponsorship Level

This is an ideal sponsorship package for employers with 500 to 999 employees. You automatically qualify to sponsor up to 6 V-CAP Interns for a four or six week period.  There is no obligation or associated cost to hire our interns after their internship period regardless of military rank, title, or industry experience. 

Bronze Leaf Sponsorship Level

This is our entry-level sponsorship package for employers with less than 500 employees or limited resources.  You qualify for up to two V-CAP Interns for a four or six week term. There is no obligation or associated cost to hire our interns after their internship period.